Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BaZi Day Master - Jia Wood 甲木 - Yang Wood

Pictorially, Jia Wood represents tree. Tree is tall, thick, and sturdy. Trees grow upwardly to the sky. Tree is externally thick and branching out. The root is holding the soil (Ji Earth) and it is physical hiding under the ground. To be a Jia Wood DM, the person has need to looks like a tree which the outlook is tall and sturdy. Usually if the Jia Wood DM looks tall and sturdy with benevolence character will be a successful one.

From the above, we can say that a Jia Wood DM person is thick and tactless. They are not the type that sensitive to the issues surrounding them. They are always developing just that we cannot see it in short period of time. Due to the development of a tree is slow the Jia Wood person is the type that reluctant to change until they are being forced to. But they will eventually spring back just like a tree eventually recovers from being struck by an axe. However, the recovering stage will takes a very long time.

What can we do if we have a nice tall tree with us?
We know that trees can helps holding the wet earth from landslides. Also, we know that by chopping the tree we can use the wood to make chairs, tables, papers, etc

When the Ji Earth has too much water in the chart, they need Jia Wood to help them holding the earth back to shape.

When a Jia Wood person has Geng Metal (axe) in the chart, usually this person is successful one because the Jia Wood is chopped into pieces to make beautiful chairs, tables, papers, etc - useful Jia Wood.

If the Jia Wood person does not have Geng Metal present in the chart, it is useless Jia Wood. Then this Jia Wood person will have to wait until it meets with the luck cycle or annual pillar that consists of Geng Metal or Shen Monkey. If a person does not have any Jia Wood in the BaZi, the person is hard to expand and branching their business or endeavour.

Jia Wood DM is more suitable for a Male. It is not so ideal for a Female to born as Jia Wood DM. Usually Yi Wood woman is prettier than the Jia Wood woman. Imagine a Tree (Jia Wood) and a Flower (Yi Wood), which one is more attractive?

A Jia Wood DM female is hard to runaway from 2 situations in life. First, must have to get married to a good husband. Second, must have to be scolded by husband. Only these 2 situations in life to consider the Jia Wood DM is having good life. This is due to the above explanation where Jia Wood needs to be chopped by Metal. In 10 Gods, Metal to a Jia Wood is DO/7K.

A Jia Wood DM male is not an exception to the above rules. A Jia Wood male thatr is being criticized and accused denotes good luck. This is due to DO/7K can represents legal issues. If the Jia Wood DM did not face any criticism or scolded, the person will be attracted to legal issues. Therefore, if you are criticizing and even torturing a Jia Wood person, you are actually helping him/her to avoid from legal issues.

Another way to avoid the legal issues, the Jia Wood DM may go for acupuncture. By doing so, you will benefit two ways. It makes you healthier and avoided from legal issues. One stone hits two birds.

Jia Wood DM will easily being made used by their friends and siblings. This is due to the Friends and Siblings element in 10 Gods for a Jia Wood is Yi Wood. Yi Wood is a parasite that lean against the tree to reach the top in order to get expose to Sun (Fire) which is considered as competing with the tree to obtain the same benefit. In BaZi perspective, Jia Wood needs Fire element. But not too much Fire like those Jia Wood born in Summer season does not need more fire. Too much fire will destroy the jungle.

To communicate with a Jia Wood person, you need to be very straightforward and straight to the point. The reason is they are too thick which is not sensitive enough to flowery words. They cannot sense what you are trying to hint. To a lady that wanted to marry the Jia Wood boyfriend or husband, you probably need to be very blunt when talking to them. I want a diamond ring now and let's get married!

If your staff or colleague is a Jia Wood DM, you need to be blunt on telling out their mistakes. You are wrong! You are late! You are lazy!

You may not have the awareness on a Jia Wood and somewhat belittling them because you think that their action and movement is always seen and it is slow. You don't have much worry on them even they are going to retaliate. You can anytime act faster than the Jia Wood. Do not forget although you can make use of Jia Wood DM, they physically looks unmoved or slow in movement but Jia Wood roots which is under the ground can grow far away unexpectedly and unseen.

For example, you have a business idea and you tell your Jia Wood friend about the the business idea. You thought that Jia Wood is lack of awareness and somewhat numb. Not challenging and not rivalry at all. On the next day when you propose your business idea to the investor, it is too late that the Jia Wood has already using the roots to grow and reach the investor faster than you. We Chinese Cantonese says "
死了都不知道发生什么事" - Died without knowing what has happened.

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  1. What you said quite true. Infact,I am always scolded by my ex-gf who is Ji Earht on lack of awareness. LOL